What's the story, Hori Hori?

Just like a photographer is only as good as their subject, some might say that a gardener is only as good a their trusty tools. Those people may also be wrong, but I have a few awesome tools up my sleeve (not literally!) that certainly make my gardening jobs quick and easy. So, what's on my list?

1) Hori Hori knife - Nestling in that happy place between trowel and knife, this hand tool deserves the number one spot because it can tackle a most garden tasks with absolute ease, and it's strong yet light weight and easy to handle. It also looks pretty cool and gets people talking due to the knife blade edge.

2) Tiny Snips - small and unassuming, you can pick up a pair of these tiny little snips for as little as 99p! However, though small in price these are big on utility. I have three pairs in my poly tunnel and I use them for dead heading, pinching out sweet peas, harvesting fruits and veggies, tidying up dead leaves on plants, snipping string, and pruning my Bonsai. (not a euphemism and also a lie because I don't actually have a Bonsai... But I do want one!)&

3) A beautiful pair of secateurs - mine are from Sophie Conran and they are definitely one of my most prized gardening tools. The shape is comfortable in the hand, they are solid and a good weight. They can make light work of most stems and small branches without putting too much pressure on your palms. They also look gorgeous and make a wonderful gift. My husband bought me mine and they seem to follow me around from garden to allotment.

4) Galvanised watering can and rose - everyone needs a giant watering can, especially for the allotment where watering frequently is key. I actually keep a few different watering cans at the allotment, this large one is ideal for soaking the potatoes or runner beans, but I also have a couple of cheap, light weight watering cans which are really light weight and easy to carry further. A galvanised one like mine can not only be used for its intended purpose, but also doubles up as a pretty planter if you fancy being creative or adding a bit of whimsy to your garden or allotment.

5) Grazers natural deterrent. Technically not a tool - but worth its weight in gold! Formulated as a spray or water-on treatment, Grazers is a 100% natural bitterant that stops pigeons, deer, rabbits and other larger pest in their tracks. Ideal for allotments and gardens this product is safe to use on ornamentals and edible crops alike. Perfect for larger areas where netting off is not an option. (They also make an awesome slug and snail repellent and one for aphids, caterpillars and other mini beasts!)

6) Trugs. My mother in law gave me two beautiful, old willow Trugs, which are perfect for collecting cut flowers or veg. I have one to hand in the garden and at the allotment. You can buy similar ones on Etsy, eBay or Gumtree if you're lucky! Definitely one of my favourite pieces of gardening equipment.


So that's all, folks! My round up of essential tools that make a budding gardener or allotmenteer's work both easy and practical. Do you have a can't-live-without tool that I don;t know about yet? Let me know in the comments box below!

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