Mr Rotavator

If, like me, you have an allotment which needs a fair amount of work, then a rotavator and a willing volunteer are going to be your good friends at the start of the growing season. Luckily my other half is a dab hand with all things mechanical and was more than happy to have a go with this giant rotavator. Which I have to say was absolutely brilliant! On advice from another allotment holder we rented a really heavy duty machine from a local farm supplier as the usual smaller tillers just wouldn't stand up to the task. Two things to note here:

1) You must form over the ground roughly before using the rotavator on the ground. If in doubt - use a bigger machine than you think you might need, this just makes the job easier and quicker.

2) Rotavators are really big and heavy! Get someone to show you the ropes or better yet - do it for you! I have learnt that most people are happy to give you a hand if you can pay them with a big box of veggies for their efforts! And if veg doesn't work then beer seems to coerce even the most reluctant gardeners into action.

The results after the first session with the rotavator were impressive! I followed behind gathering up and stray weed roots and other debris. We rotavated again and then covered over the ground to prevent weeds breaking through before we were ready to plant.

Now for the fun part, planning what we want to grow!! 2016 was the year of abundance... for the simple fact that we decided more was definitely more!

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