6 x Unexpected Discoveries!

'Can we REALLY tackle this weedy heap?!'

Perseverance is absolutely KEY when you are allocated a less-than-perfect allotment by your local town council! Despite initial feelings of being overwhelmed with weeds, grass and bind weed, we were soon spurred into action when we saw that beneath the tangle there were crops! Ok, so not the most impressive or substantial - but there they were. Neglected, but also nurtured and protected in their jungle-like surroundings.

Slowly we began to uncover a few surprises, determined to survive!

We uncovered 5 x Gooseberry bushes which were tangled beyond recognition with bind weed, a beautiful Rhubarb, 2 x varieties of Raspberries, a bed of strawberries and LOADS of beetroot (8 Kilos in fact!). Above is the before and after pic of the strawberry bed being carefully uncovered and de-tangled! We spend a weekend slashing back the grass, taking stock of what we wanted to keep and harvesting what we could. Not wanting the masses of Beets to go to waste, I made jars of Christmas Chutney and handed them out as gifts. You can follow the same recipe here.

With all this hard graft to do, I had to call in the troops. Mums to the rescue! My mum and Mother in Law were happy to get stuck in, armed with polka-dot knee pads and trowels.

Thanks, ladies! Not only have you inspired me to garden and take on this allotment, but you're efforts have helped get the plot workable far sooner than I ever imagined working it alone. Bravo!

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