About the Author:

Katherine Wright

''If you love being out in the fresh air, sustainability, and growing delicious veggies - you’ll feel right at home here.''


As you've probably already guessed, I'm Katherine, the author of the Little Blue Shed blog and owner of said shed and a small but productive allotment. You'll mostly find me posting on Instagram (@littleblueshed) and getting to know other 'allotmenteers' all over the world.

Follow my progress via the blog or Instagram feed, where you can read all about my allotment life right from the very beginning.

Want to know more? Drop me a line! I read all your comments and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Although new to allotment holding, I have always been a keen gardener. I grew up in a rural village in the Chiltern Hills and being outdoors in the countryside or playing in the garden was always central to my life. I had my first vegetable patch aged 5, and I was obsessed with making fairy gardens and poking around in our garden pond. 

Although grown up now with the usual obligations of a full time job, I still try to make as much time as possible to be outdoors. I love nothing more than planting, weeding and cracking on with jobs in the garden and at the allotment with the hope of living a more sustainable life. Seeing the plants come to life in spring is something I really look forward to!

When I'm not in the garden or at the allotment I love to travel. I have family in Perth, Australia which means we're very fortunate and get to experience some of natures finest beaches and wildlife. We also love doing roadtrips all over the U.K. and Europe.

So, why Little Blue Shed? I was lucky enough to inherit a very rickety old shed with my allotment, and rather than chop it up for firewood, we decided it had too much character! It was fixed up and restored to its former glory by my husband and father in law, and we painted it a cheery blue colour to remind us of sunny summer days - even when the weather isn't playing ball!

I'm very much a rookie gardener when it comes to veg, I learn everything by trial and error and reading books, other blogs and asking you lot for help when it all goes 'Pete Tong'.

Hope you enjoy the blog! 


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Can't wait to taste this courgette, the
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Allotment - June
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